AWKAL AND SAIDAH specializes in the design and manufacturing of overhead crane systems and material handling solutions. Steelway offers a full line of overhead bridge cranes, hoists and rail systems for new construction and retrofit applications.

With capabilities ranging from lightweight workstation cranes to large span, high capacity cranes for demanding applications, AWKAL AND SAIDAH has the solution for your material handling needs.

In addition to complete overhead crane systems, AWKAL AND SAIDAH has access to a large selection of high quality and innovative material handling products, underhook attachments and accessories.

Much industrial work is done by overhead track-mounted cranes, of which there are several types. We will review a few basics here. The “gantry crane” features a rigid, bridge-like structure above the work area. The gantry itself can move along floor-mounted tracks, while a trolley provides lateral movementacross the gantry’s “bridge.” A load can then be lifted vertically by the crane and moved longitudinally or laterally to almost any area of the work floor.  On their largest scale, gantry cranes are commonly used to unload container or other types of cargo ships in port. On a far smaller scale, portable gantry cranes can be moved into place for a specific task (such as aircraft cleaning or maintenance) and moved away again when the task is complete.

The “bridge crane” uses the facility’s own ceiling support structure to anchor a fixed structure. Unlike the gantry crane, the bridge allows only lateral movement (via the trolley) and vertical lift (via the crane). “Overhead traveling cranes” also use ceiling mounted anchoring but allow longitudinal movement (along fixed tracks), lateral movement (via the trolley), and vertical lift (via the crane).

The “monorail crane” allows movement of a load along a fixed but often circuitous route through a facility. Monorails are common where work flow necessitates the regular movement of loads around obstacles.

Wall-mounted swing cranes” are another form of specialized crane that allows lifts to be performed by a single worker or at a single workstation. Wall-mounted traveling or semi-gantry cranes also are capable of using a facility’s existing support structure to create a fixed lift path along a wall.

Smaller, specialized crane types include portable jibs and tripod-mounted cranes, used to lift compact but heavy loads from small places (like shaftways or through holes in roofs). Typically these cranes are light and portable and can easily be moved out when the job is complete.



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