Awkal and Saidah Designed by landscape architects, these elegant aluminium shelters provide the perfect sun-safe, rain-proof protection for public outdoor venues. Select from our pre-designed range of shelters, or design your own. Shelterform is perfect for:


Sporting complexes, ovals and stadiums


Parks and BBQ areas

All outdoor venues, including beach and riverside locations

Schools and childcare centres

Flexible Design Options

Designs can be customised to suit any environment. Whether you need minor customisation, or complete bespoke design, we can help.

Standard Designs. Save time and money. For your convenience, our standard off-the-shelf Shelterform products are available for fast order. Contact us for more information.

Custom Design. You can tweak our standard designs, adding your own enhancements to suit your needs. Simple changes to end panels, fascias and colours are easy ways to create an individual look for your Sun Shelter.

New Design. Altiform can also create entirely new designs for your project. Our designers and engineers can create a unique product that is structurally sound and specifically suited to the intended environment


In addition to looking great, Shelterform products have many benefits including:

Wind design to Australian Standards including cyclonic conditions (even in strong coastal winds)

Corrosion resistant

Vandal resistant

Easy to clean

Long lasting

Low maintenance


ISO Containers

The shipping container has only been around for the last 50 years. The advent of this method of modular standard containerization of goods revolutionized the transportation of goods and ultimately the international export market as turnaround time, theft, damage to goods and costs all went down.  Until 1956 goods packed in bales, sacks or barrels were individually transferred from the vehicle to the waiting cargo ship. This was manual work carried out by “longshoremen” using pulleys, cargo hooks and a significant labor force. An average ship had 200, 000 individual pieces of cargo and it would take around a week to load and unload.




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