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Welcome to Awkal and Saidah caravan.  We hope you find the following information useful.

All our 6 berth caravans now have central heating and double glazing.

Static Caravans

Modern 6 berth caravans with showers, flush toilet, microwave, cooker, refrigerator and colour TV/DVD player set in the centre of our 200 acre farm. These would suit not only anglers but also anyone wanting a quiet holiday in the country.

2 pleasure fishing pegs per static caravan are provided free of charge (choose your own pegs daily). The Avon is ¼ mile from the site and guests may drive to and park by most of the pegs unless it’s too wet. Bait fridges are available on site for small quantities of bait.

Static caravans for sale  – please contact us for details.

Touring Caravans/Tents

We also cater for a limited number of tourers and tents and have a toilet/shower block for their use.


Shelving Racks

is a Awkal and Saidah manufacturer of high quality robust steel racks, drawer storage systems and automated steel storage and retrieval systems.




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